Monday, January 11, 2016

Timmerhuis, Rotterdam by OMA

In the latest video from the youtube channel #donotsettle, architects Wahyu Pratomo and Kris Provoost explore OMA’s recently opened Timmerhuis in Rotterdam.

The 48,400 m2 complex in the center of Rotterdam has been built in steel, erected alongside and nestled within an existing municipal building from 1953 – its ambiguous mass tries to mediate between the existing buildings surrounding it.

Timmerhuis – a new mixed-use building that will house Rotterdam’s municipal offices and the Museum Rotterdam, conceived by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) – is complete and open to the public since December 7, 2015. Situated in the city’s Laurenskwartier neighborhood, fifty percent of Timmerhuis is occupied by office space; the rest contains residential, retail, parking and the museum.  Its innovative structural system allows for adaptability, while providing the city with a large public space on the ground floor.

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